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Radio System

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Importance of radio

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Importance of radio The importance of radio as a means of diffusion, is mainly focused on the nature of what it represents as a means in itself, since it has an intimate quality of your a, that most other media do not have. One of the most important factors of radio is that its production cost is less than that of other media, these characteristics, in turn, allow us to use various creative elements such as voices, music and commercials.

The radio

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The radio is a means of mass dissemination that reaches the radio-listening in a personal way, it is the medium of greater reach, reaching all social classes. Radio is a means of communication that reaches all social classes. Establish a more personal contact, because it offers radio-listeners a certain degree of participation in the event or news that is being transmitted. It is a selective and flexible medium. The audience does not receive messages as often as the radio receiver and other media and the radio receiver are usually less educated and more suggestible in most cases. As a means of communication, the radio gives us the opportunity to reach a market with a much lower budget than what it needs in other media, that is why it is the largest audience on the radio.

Ericsson Radio System

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Ericsson Radio System is an innovative, modular system that enables mobile operators to address growth opportunities and transform their radio networks by leveraging a multi standard, multi-band and multi layer architecture (3xMulti), delivering industry leading performance on the smallest site footprint with the lowest energy consumption. Ericsson Radio System also includes the industry’s powerful baseband  twice the capacity compared to previous products enabling operators to build distributed and centralized baseband configurations supporting high-capacity 3xMulti architectures. 

My first experience in radio

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My first experience in radio was with the yorman teacher, I remember that he sent us to make a radial wedge on the chimo El Tigrito, I was very scared and did not know how to do it, I remember that I did not have the necessary utensils and I recorded it from my cellphone, online editing programs, and so I was helping a little, it was not in a studio but in the end I am very well, and the teacher liked me a lot, after all charm the experience I hope at some point to create a radial wedge and so on to be able to reach thousands of consumers ... it would be great!